Coffee Machines

Posted: November 15, 2006 in Office Rules

         Alright, I have been to client sites from NYC to Orlando and there is one constant, less than 1% of coffee drinking office staff will actually make coffee. This completely confounds me because I cannot fathom how in a large office you can take the last of the coffee or leave JUST an inch in the pot and not rebrew.  The worst part there is usually 1-3 people who actually brew 85% of the coffee that does get made. They support the habits of the rest of the office and they almost always find an empty pot when they get to the station.
        What is it? Is 90% of the office staff in the US have no idea how to use a coffee machine? It is just amazing to me. Or do people think they are so important that they can’t take 40 seconds to reload the machine.
       People I beg of you….next time you are in the office, be considerate of your fellow employees and brew brew brew!

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