A Farewell to GDN

Posted: February 21, 2007 in Computers and Internet

      So MS has announced that the GotDotNet site will be phased out of existence. I had to say I was sad to see it go. Since it’s inception, I have directed more clients there than I remember. I have posted tons of technical questions, and some not so technical (OTD) and found the user base, in its heyday, to be considerably better than any others out there. I will miss it, it’s simplicity and the lack of annoying monitors spending more time badgering me on whether an items fits into a specific thread or not, than on helping me find the answers to the questions.
     That being said, I can understand where MS comes from in this action. They already have MSDN boards, they have invested in refining them and to be honest I think they have made some excellent progress on those boards. IMO they still have a long way to go, but the fact that they are really trying to improve them, is a good sign and although I am reluctant to attempt to traverse them right now, that may change in then next couple years.
    I will miss some of the GDN users as well, especially those at OTD. They ran the spectrum. from extreme ultra conservatives to "nazi-liberals" and while I found time to disagree with most of them, I enjoyed (most times) the debates and even some of the arguments. But alas, the nature of this business is change. Every site, every piece of software, everything changes. As much as I once loved the old BBS I used to post to with my first 386 (a fact I try not to admit too often), they gave way to something better, and I am sure 10 years down the road I will laugh at posting on a site like GDN, provided that the high levels of caffeine I invibe every morning, my driving ability, meteors, or underpants gnomes do not take me out before then.
    R.I.P. GDN

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