MOSS 2007 Pain, interests, etc

Posted: May 1, 2007 in MOSS 2007

        To date, I have been posting as much as possible in here as I am learning, hitting walls, finding gaps in online documentation around MOSS and other technology areas. I am hoping that this is at least helpful to someone out there. To that end, i would like to solicit any ideas from anyone who may wander onto hear with a pain, or interest specifically with MOSS 2007, AJAX, etc. Feel free to challenge me, I have enjoyed a lot of the research efforts I have done to date, and I would be very interested in some of the things some of my colleagues are encountering out in the wild. Depending on how many requests I get I may not get to all of them, but I will attempt to address any that seem to come up frequently first.
       Just respond to this posting with your ideas. I look forward to hearing any.

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