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Posted: July 20, 2007 in MOSS 2007

MOSS Link/Book Directory

                I am finding frequent cause to share these with lots of folks on a continuous basis. So I thought I would focus this entry on the best links I have around MOSS and some common items I have had to look up.   This is not the full list I have but it is some of the best most common ones I hit. I will continually update this post to try to keep it up to date as I am adding new links and books as I hit them.


1.       Developing a MOSS 2007 VPC

          Absolutely the best walkthrough I have ever seen on creating a MOSS VPC.

2.       Integrating MS AJAX with MOSS

          Excellent walkthrough of some of the issues you will encounter with utilizing AJAX within a MOSS portal. This technology is awesome for getting your web parts to post back separately from the entire site.

3.       Debugging WSS 3.0 errors

          Unless you are perfect, you will run into the “An unexpected error has occurred” message from WSS 3.0 (especially if you are playing with custom web parts). Since this error usually gets you absolutely nowhere, the solution to get more info is to push in what this guys suggests. Your MOSS/WSS 3.0 site will give you standard Asp.Net error messages (note:  I hope I do not have to remind every how BAD this would be to do on a production server).

4.       Managing Sites and Site Collections

          Good abbreviated walkthrough on planning your site and site collection layouts

5.       Mapping CMS 2002 API’s to MOSS

          For those of you who need to run your CMS 2002 into MOSS, this could prove helpful

6.       MS CMS Assessment tool download

7.       Sharepoint upgrade site

          Good landing page for getting information on your upgrade planning and process.

8.       WSS 2.0 Prescan tool information

          I hit this guys site a LOT when first using PreScan.exe. he provides a lot of good detailed info on what it does and how to manage some common issues with it.

9.       Developing Custom Web parts in MOSS

          Very simple run through on developing a custom web part gives you a good start.

10.   MOSS branding – generating a feature

          Great chunk of info on master page branding and a path for pushing them into a feature to be easily deployed to production MOSS servers.

11.   Creating BDC Entities

          From MS’ How-To series. Very cool walkthrough.


1.       Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal Server 2007 Administrators Companion

          This is the MOSS bible. I do not go near a client site without this puppy by my side or on my HD. There is just so much info in here around installing, configuring, customizing, etc  MOSS, WSS 3.0. If you are going to implement MOSS this should be part of your library.

2.       Inside Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services 3.0

          Another must have book,  covers a lot of stuff that your SharePoint developers will absolutely need such as using Workflow foundation, Code Access Security, CAML, and a lot more.

3.       Professional Web Parts and Custom Controls

          Great book on web parts and custom controls which can be used in MOSS. Covers using AJAX, and some other common issues you will come across while coding your web parts.


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