Mismatched ID’s in Word Document OOXML with Content Controls

Posted: December 10, 2013 in Office 2013 Apps, Technical

So we had an application which attempted to parse through OOXML in a word doc locate all bindings and content controls and grab all their metadata (found in the WebExtensions/Bindings elements). We had a problem with the IDs which should bind these two sections inconsistently matching. Some docs they all would, some docs they never would, most docs only some would. The ones that would not match would typically be negative numbers.

So after Binging the problem, and beating ourselves to death over it we found the post at: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2693542/open-xml-document-contentcontrols-problem-with-signed-ids . This one saved our lives.

The problem is that in the WebExtensions/Binding, the ID is stored as a 64 bit integer. In the sdt tag binding, it is a 32 bit representation of that same ID. We followed the code samples set at the link provided above and we now have a 100% match on all IDs.


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