My PowerPivot Service App has fallen and it can’t get up

Posted: October 10, 2014 in SharePoint 2013

My PowerPivot Service App has fallen and it can’t get up

This was a rather fun “issue” I ran into on a client farm. I found very little documentation on this so it took me a few minutes to sort through it. Maybe it can help you out.

So I had a great PowerShell script that setup a large farm (13 servers). Had the full BI stack attached to SharePoint. Everything seems good until I started clicking on links in Central Administration, particularly on my PowerPivot Service Application. When I clicked on it, I got a 404. I thought that was weird. All the posts I saw in this issue told me to recreate it. I did this repeatedly and it did not work. It always gave me a 404.

So then I started to look a little more at the architecture for this site and the PowerPivot service itself. For those who have done this configuration there are some “special” things about it. Like for instance, it installs a group of WSPs in your farm to get all the pieces working. I thought, hmmm, that usually means features. I would have bet they were all hidden. But on a whim I went into the Site Settings page on the Central Administration site, opened up the Manage site features page. About ¾ of the way down the list there is a feature called “PowerPivot Administrative Feature” and it is not activated. So I activate this feature. No more 404 but I still get an error. So now I recreate the PowerPivot Service App again. This time is comes up and I am back in business.

So for those seeing this issue, go ahead and give this a try. My particular environment is very heavily GPO’d and I suspect the initial roll out of the corporate GPOs broke the initial service and blocked that feature. Either way though, something to consider.


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