Despite being originally a pure code monkey I have really found a passion for SharePoint architecture. I really enjoy bring the power of SharePoint into and organization and bending and twisting it to meet a critical need in a organization. I have not ever seen an organization that could not greatly benefit from an SharePoint based solution. IMO, the single greatest challenge in that is marrying that need with the ecomonic realities in every company. Coming up with a solution is one thing, coming up with one within an organizations budget, that is an entirely different challenge.

Development Experience:

I have 10 years consulting experience starting with being a code monkey with VB 4, through classic ASP (anyone rember interdev?), .Net 1.0 alpha and up. I have focused mainly on web development but have also done my fair share of winform as well. I have heavy dev experience in C#, VB.Net, T-SQL. Actually started my career doing a 2 year gig on Y2K development (yeah I did some heavy COBOL and JCL work).

SharePoint experience from 2001 till the present 2010. Ranging from farm architecture and design,  install/config, development, migrations, etc. in verticals from food service POS and backoffice to Defense contractors and Space systems, 50 to 100,000 em ployees. SharePoint has something to offer any veritcal. As part of that experience I have obtained mid level experience in NLB, AD, IIS, and maybe low to mid DBA level on MS SQL Server.

Currently have MCTS for MOSS 2007 and WSS install and config, as well as 2010 Pro administration and 2010 MCTS Configuration.


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