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Winter Trout Fishing

Posted: February 22, 2007 in Hobbies
      So I got the chance the other week to get into Linville river for those of you curious ( 36° 0’43.25"N 81°55’54.26"W as Google earth has it). It was about as cold as you can get but it is amazing what some decent equipment does for you. I was as warm as a summer day. The only problem was my pole kept freezing (which my uncle points to as a prime warning that it is too cold to fish). i managed to work around that and actually got a decent sizes Brown Trout about half way through the excursion. So being skunked was not a problem. Granted I did not fill the creel but I love stream fishing so much that even a day where I catch nothing (which thankfully does not happen much), is still a great day for me.
    I took a friend with me this time who has never been stream fishing. He is a Bass fisher usually from shore. He had a ball, but did get skunked. This time of year is pretty challenging so if you are new, you tend to not have much luck. But it is a good time to get to know the river, it is a bit lower than spring and summer so you can see some of the pools and holes you normally would not and get a feel for the river. Linville in particular is a nice river to fish. Not a lot of obstacles, good habitat, nice collection of riffles, pools, current, some good deep sections that serve you well in the summer when the trout go deep. In the area I tend to hit on Linville, there are a few good access points and specific routes you take depending on the company. From the coordinates I gave up abouve you can fish the from the low bridge upstream if you want some challenge and some really sweet wading (I woiuld rate the hike as moderate). If you go downstream to the next bridge you get the most production section for me. I have rarely been skunked on that route. 
    As a warning, if you ever do go there. pay some respect to the forestry service guys they do not have to let you trounce across their property to get to the river, so WALK the driveway and don’t make a ton of noise and especially no messes. If you go downstream you will reach a white house which is almost right on the river, the dude has his property done up nice. I have met him a couple times. Sometimes his dog goes insane when you wade through so wade on by and leave the pool in front of his house for him. In NC they can post the streams and he ha sbeen gracious enough to not post despite some very inconsiderate folks going by from time to time.
  Anyway, if you ever do go this route, drop me a line and let me know how it goes. It is definitely a nice route, not as isolated as I would like but not too shabby either.

Lake Wylie Access

Posted: August 11, 2006 in Hobbies
So it turns out Duke Eneergy has plenty of access points along the lakes on the catawba. Check out
You will see Wylie and there are links to all the other lakes. I have hit a couple of these spots and they are pretty nice. Just PLEASE if you go there clean up after yourself. These places already have too much crap all over them from people who just throw junk everywhere.

Fishing Trips

Posted: July 14, 2006 in Hobbies
        So got a good fishing trip to the Linville river this week. You know it is true, a horrid day fishing still beats a good day at work, and I like what I do for a living.  If there is anyone else in this world who actually looks at these things, and if you know anything about fishing in NC, shoot me some info. i am always looking for some other great spots in the mountains. I generally stick to hatchery supported water since the rules are less restricted but I am game for just about anything if the fishing is good.

NC Fishing

Posted: July 7, 2006 in Hobbies
         So…I am getting into fishing pretty hardcore in the mountains of NC. It is completely awesome up there. Unfortunately, I do not think it will be going on long. I had always thought privat eownership of stream beds was not possible. However this is not the case. We pay $20 for our license which pays for the state to stock these streams. Now private landowners can have to exclusive right to fish these streams when we pay for them to be stocked. Seems like complete BS to me.
      You have to understand the private landowners too. There are a lot of nimrods who pollute the living crap out of these streams. They are rude and crude to these folks while they are fishing in their backyards. There has got to be a better way to manage that. I am half tempted to find a lawyer to sue the state over access to these streams.